(Without any prior experience trading or formal training)



In this masterclass you will learn...

  • How to be more precise in your trade entries and exits.
  • How to be more consistent, confident and disciplined in all your trading decisions.
  • How to see and follow the Smart-Money so you can follow them consistently.
  • How to allow winning trades to run without giving too much profit back.
  • What is the best trading strategy and style and what are each of their benefits and vulnerabilities.

and much more...


Specialized in Smart-Money, Market Manipulation and Trading Optimization for over 14 years and has over 40,000 hours of experience trading. Helping people against all odds, to become self-empowered, disciplined & consistently profitable traders in all markets in record time.

What You Will Discover...

  • The step by step process I use to reliably make over 300% profitable trades from any market, WITHOUT ANY INDICATORS.  
  • Why markets are NEVER random and how to quickly become a trader that is revered to as an "oracle," that even seasoned traders will flock to want to know your "secret."
  • The real reasons most Brokers never reveal why most traders will lose 90% of their account, within 90 days or less... And how I avoided the "4-5 years of losing" statistics and stay consistently profitable in any market, while creating my own foolproof system to always be profitable.
  • The secret system I use to never get "shaken-out" or fooled by the market, and how I make Smart-Money work for me 24-7, while catching only the most highly profitable and probable moves.
  • How to break-free from becoming a slave to the market, while finding legendary profitable trades that even professional traders in their entire career will never find.
  • How I re-wired my mindset for automatic success and unbreakable discipline so that I don't subconsciously sabotage my account. And... How to do all this without sacrificing your current work or personal life. 

What Our Clients Say About Us

"I have taken other mentorship programs but just wasn’t able to become consistently profitable. My battle here was real... no one tells you before you get into trading the challenges of fighting with your inner voice. SMA has given me structure and mindset I needed to find consistency. Just the 1st week of 2021 I made 28% on my account on a single trade..."

- Andrew

"SMA has been very good to me, it has completely changed my life. I am trading very profitably for myself and professionally for others. I have looked at everything else out there and there is nothing better than SMA. We are always early to the party long before all the other traders do and I can predict with crazy accuracy the direction of the market and see the big moves before they even start!"

- Nick

"I used to struggle making profit in Forex and Futures trading and SMA Trading opened my eyes to how actually markets move. I found "the missing piece" and it has completely transformed my trading from frustrating indicator-based methods to easier and more profitable trades. I really like that I don't have to worry anymore about news, fundamentals or others predictions. I can look at the chart and see exactly what the big players are doing."

- Mark

-"It's time for a triple dose of truth."